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5 Activities To Do with Your Kids That Promote Exercise and Fun


Tired of seeing your kids sit on that couch watching tv or playing video games for hours at a time? Give them a reason to get off their butts and actually want to exercise! Here is a list of 5 activities you could do with your kids to encourage exercise.

family cycling

  1. Biking: The perfect way to spend a beautiful day outdoors, while still shedding those extra pounds.
  2. Soccer: Spend the day outside with the whole family. This is a great way to burn tons of calories.
  3. Indoor Rock Climbing: This sport gives your kids a fun way to build some muscle.
  4. Jump Rope: This activity is not just for kids. Jumping rope is fun and an excellent source of cardio.
  5. Laser Tag: This is a great way to break a sweat while spending times with your kids. You will be on such a high adrenaline rush, you won’t even notice all the cardio.
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  • markstos

    That’s my wife and kids featured in the photo. The secret ingredient in the photo is electric assist.

    She is a stay at home mom as well (mostly). I have a blog at , and lots more bike photos at
    You are also welcome to ask me any questions about family cycling, or I pass questions on to my wife as well.



  • cutemonster

    Great list. Especially when the weather is accommodating. But in the cold harsh Winter months, kids need active indoor activities. Check out some of our ideas and please feel free to add your own suggestions:


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      Thanks so much for sharing this!

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        You’re welcome. :)