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5 Fun and Productive Activities to do with your kids!


It’s not easy to manage a schedule that doesn’t revolve around one’s kids, so why not find activities that can benefit you and involve them! Here are 5 different home activities that are fun and stimulating to the mind.

Mormon Mom Daughter

  1. Cooking Dinner: This activity is the easiest way to spend time with your children while still saving time. Let your children toss the salad or mix the cheese into the macaroni. This teaches basic life skills and better prepares them for the future.
  2. Baking: Before measuring out the ingredients, ask the kids to give you the correct size for the measurements. Then let them measure it out and mix the ingredients by themselves. This provides an educational means to a fun and delicious activity.
  3. Building Legos: You can’t go wrong with this activity. It gives kids the opportunity to be creative while still stimulating the brain.
  4. Create stories: Have the kids use their imagination to write and illustrate stories and then share them with you as bed night stories.
  5. Board Games: Monopoly is a fun and entertaining activity that provokes strategic thought and mathematics.
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