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Coffee lessens depression risk in women

Drinking coffee may keep women from becoming depressed.
A new study says that women who drink two or three cups a day(caffeinated) are 15 percent less likely to develop depression. This was compared to those who drink one or less cups a week.
Researchers caution, however, that the study shows only an association between consumption and depression risk. None of the women studied had been diagnosed with depression. The study also focus on those with a history of depression or factors which trigger it such as financial troubles and the death of a loved one.
Earlier studies found a similar association between drinking coffee and reduced chances of a stroke, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
“Taken together, these results reassure coffee drinkers that there seem to exist no glaringly deleterious health consequences to coffee consumption,” Dr. Seth Berkowitz, wrote. He agrees that it’s too soon to recommend coffee for people suffering from depression.
No links were found between decaffeinated coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

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