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Early childhood education pays off

Parents know that the best way to ensure a child’s future is to give him or her a good education. But what most parents may not know is that it’s preschool that can make a major difference in a child’s life.

A study published in the online journal of Science found that of the 950 Chicago children who participated in the study, those who went to preschool were 28 percent less likely to have drug or alcohol problems when they were older.

But just attending preschool isn’t enough, according to Arthur Reynolds, director of the study.

Reynolds told Time magazine that “Just funding preschool doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective.”

While that may be true, without funding, no preschools effective or ineffective could serve children.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart agrees that early childhood education is crucial. Especially when it comes to preventing crime later in life.

“You take money out of programs like these you will see a spike in crime,” Dart said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

  • momodoor

    Preschool really has some great long-term effects apart from education (actually the education effects themselves are not even long-lasting..). It’s great that there are more studies that can provide statistics for those benefits!

    • Shakala Alvaranga

      I began my love of reading in pre-school!

  • smithk2

    I don’t remember if I went to preschool or not, but I know that I loved reading from an early age. I was three when my sister was learning to read in kindergarten, so I learned to read early on in life and was reading at a 6th grade level by the time I started school.

  • LPie2623

    This makes sense. Education is very important in life. The younger you start, the better in my opinion.