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Honda recalling more than half million vehicles

Honda Motor Co. is recalling 554,000 CR-Vs and Pilots. The CR-V vehicles that the company is issuing the recall for are from the model years 2002-2004. The Pilot SUVs that are being recalled are from the year 2003.

This recall is based on a wiring issue with the headlights. The headlight switch wiring issue may cause the headlights to not work properly or for the low beams to stop working. This is potentially a big issue because it can make seeing in the dark or low lights difficult or impossible. This can lead to accidents.

As of right now, there are no reports of injuries or crashes. You can find out more information on the affected vehicles at the Honda website.  There is also a hotline that you can call for information. That number is 800-999-1009. When you call the number you will need to also select option 4.

This is actually the second recall for Honda this week. They recalled 2006 models of the CR-V for possible issues with the suspension control arms. The recall stated that the arms could possibly break and cause loss of control or accidents. That recall affected 1,316 vehicles. This recall also stated that there are no reports of injuries or crashes.


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