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Real time study shines light on spanking

George Holden, Psychology Professor at Southern Methodist University in Texas just released a study measuring real time results of parents spanking their children.

Across America, people are virtually split in opinion as to whether spanking is okay or not. After the study, Holden was disturbed by what he uncovered.

The study, titled, “Real Life Mother-Child Interaction in the Home,” took place when both children and parents were most tired and Holden was able to capture over 36 hours worth of tape between 30 some different mothers and one father.

Holden came to this conclusion, “The problem is when parents rely on physical punishment, they are more likely to escalate when the kids misbehave if they do not stop,” he said. “They come back and they hit harder and are indeed more at risk to abuse them.”

What surprised Holden a lot at the conclusion of this study was that parents didn’t react in a more calm manner, even when they knew they were being taped. Holden also stated that the incidents of misbehavior by the children was “petty” and that the punishments were “virtually all highly inappropriate.”

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