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Several pros and a con for flax seed

If you have watched Dr. Oz, The Doctors, or you are just an avid health nut, then the aspects of flax seed are probably obvious to you. According to Flax Health the benefits are numerous: cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer reduction. Bonus benefits include lessening pain in the joints due to arthritis and making going number 2 a little bit easier.

On the flip side however,  in a new study generated by Mayo Clinic, the benefits of flax seed do not extend into the realm of helping women in their quest to lessen the uncomfortable feeling of hot flashes. Prior to the study, flax seed was a hopeful candidate for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) in the complicated and symptom filled journey of menopause. The search will continue, says Mayo Clinic, but the pros still outweigh the cons for flax seed in general, everyday usage.


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  • keastham

    Flax seed is still good for you even if it doesn’t have any potential for HRT.

  • payam

    Wow, didn’t know this.

  • priya.s

    Oh thats very interesting!