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Study finds that grandparents are safer drivers

A study has found that children are less likely to be in a car accident if their grandparents are the ones driving.

The lead researcher was surprised with the results. Dr. Fred Henretig of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had hypothesized that children would have an increased risk for accidents with older drivers. Instead, the reverse happened.

“We were surprised to discover that the injury rate was considerably lower in crashes where grandparents were the drivers,” said Henretig, the lead author of the study, to the Chicago Sun Times.

An MSNBC article reported that the study found children were 33 percent less less likely to get into an accident with grandparents at the wheel.

A possible cause for the results may be that grandparents tend not to drive in extreme weather or during rush hour, which could probably reduce accidents significantly.

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  • aditiprachi

    Not surprising.

  • keastham

    That is interesting.

  • RyanA

    probably because they are only going 2mph