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There’s an App for that: New Weight loss Research

With the holidays here many might not have dieting on the mind, but come New Years day you might want to re-invent your diet and lifestyle! According to new a study published by the Archives of Internal medicine, the key to being successful at losing weight this new-year is making use apps for smart phones in conjunction with attending monthly health diet and exercise meetings.

The study was conducted by Bonnie Spring, PhD of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Spring and others followed almost 70 over weight adults who attended monthly dieting and exercise meetings. All of the 70 subjects weekly calorie and activity goals based on their level of fitness and weight.

Researchers then split up into paper documentation of calories and activities and another used apps. The results were significant: the Group who used the app and attended at least 80 percent of the meetings lost 15 pounds. Overall, the average weight loss, regardless of meeting attendance, for the app group was about 8.6 pounds. Those who were not a part of the app group and did not attend meetings lost almost no weight at all.

“Weight-loss apps provide real-time feedback, which not only helps you track what you’re eating, but helps you make smarter decisions in the first place” Spring, PhD told Women’s Health. A stronger sense of accountability is involved when the users of the app entered their results and got instantaneous feedback.

However, if you are looking to lose more than 30 pounds, the app will only get you so far. The study’s results showed that apps alone will not make weight loss a reality. Meeting with a group who is going through the same process will help you succeed.

To get started, find a weight loss group that is suited for you and find an app you can commit to using. To find free apps for your smart phone or android search on iTunes .

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